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[Project Extend]: character Surpower by SnowWolf10 [Project Extend]: character Surpower by SnowWolf10
Well she took me a while to make. I had to think of military Jets just to create her design. 
So yes...she is based off a military Jet o right.
Her concept:

Her base pose: by :iconstar4base:

Also the black marks are bullet holes so she can kill you while standing, the markings on her face is the last defense: The Faced killer which means that her fave can bring in out the sharp teeth, if you ever capture her.
Last offense is her eye scan atomicus or "The Eye of Raidan Blades". She go's Blade soul mode while you didn't notice.
She kills you while your soul is distanced by her in the eyes of capturing her. BUt your soul is will died first, then she uses that energy again you, if you fire. You just killed yourself cause you either attacked her or firing a weapons at her.
Her Waists are the XTL-90Guns but right now they are in sleep mode when they are on. They are a size of a titanic Tanks you see in some army displays or shows in real-life. 
She has four eyes, count the jet shoulders, her one in the middle of her chest.
Her Black Ars Blade is blade of a Iron casted bar made from the hard alloys found in the real that can not be broken.
Its cost in making it go's to more than 1 million per piece or per blade. That is carried behind her back.
Also the Red/blue Ax-blade is by using old, new computer parts that no one on Earth uses to make her weapon.

Like not really. Well all at some point in time throw away about pounds, pounds of Computers, laptops cause they are slow or have viruses or its just too old to use or outdated programming or some parts of the computer won't work.
Also in the series of "Project Extend" She is created by the European Union to test out in what if our girls become more of European Badass warriors. 

Also the red lines, red stuff on her is the scan suit's scanner meaning that her whole suit is one big front, back, all around 360 to more degrees eye. 

Note: We have the technology, Biotech but its just that its hard or rare to access cause the governments of Europe have them all but in parts. They will only put it together if their is a war that is way ahead or so hardcore that the technology and biotech will b put into place once the final event comes.

She is a NATO/European Made Biotech/Technology weapon.
Also she is an OP. In her story-line it took about 5 years just to create her by the NATO and European Union cause they knew that the world was in Chaos. So basically if she did have a weakness then it would of been going back in time, also stopping the NATO and the European scientists in creating her. Good luck with that cause she is only in use of Biotech+Technology+stem cell research.
I know its shocking but I'm using to what I know in this time period. Governments around the would love to suppress anything or take it, use to their advantage. Its the reality those that we all live in.
Also since each continent has their own meaning that Asia, Europe, Africa, North America+ South America, but also their is a group of people call the New World Order so they are caught in this mess so...each one made their own but in different design.

It's a crisis vs reality series.

That is why its call "Project Extend".

Its a Comicbook that I will make for the next 7 years if it go's as plan. Also I will take my time on them.
I'm only making refs of them so later I can draw them in the Comicbook.
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May 31, 2014
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