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86 Kusueni the God Slayer Weapon (2012-2014) by SnowWolf10
86 Kusueni the God Slayer Weapon (2012-2014)
Well I though how... what if God had a daughter? What if she was God Slayer that her father told her to slayer all Gods all the time cause they are not like her father God(YAHWEH). So...After looking into my own works. I made a what if type of Character. 
The idea was to predict if he ever had a daughter those....It was only just bugging me before. 
So enjoy. My works of credit is how I created her before. 
Her concept art: 
86 Kusueni Ex's (2012-2014) Concept Design Art
Her original pose and design I have created: 86 Kusueni Ex 0 [Ver.1] (April 2013-May 2014)
The went on when I create her new outfits this year: 86 Kusueni's new outfits (2012-2014) 

Also she can ride on top of her own weapons, not care a damn thing but just as long she kills what she is ordered to kill by her father. In the Heaven's Ground Series she did kill some of the Gods and Goddess that did not want to give up their powers or not becoming gods anymore.
Joe Ax Kid by SnowWolf10
Joe Ax Kid
He is a Blade Type of Blood that is mostly for combat but in other use in full command as orders that he will serve from, while he fights his rival then would start in the beginning triggering the "Extend Impacto" Phase of the battle. Which a line of events will folder once the Trigger begins in time of the first cross is planted by the Pope of Irruta. 
Meanwhile the Order of North and South, East, West will clash once the Battle for Control of the Weapons Slots is hold by it's creator. Later on Joe will realize that he is a Blade Type designed to defeat the North and South, East and West Orders so they all don't unleash the Units of Truth call Justice, Unitary, Darforal, Adicesis. 
They are keys in awaking the Gerallaro. The Dark Light Twilight that is the Being of Change and Past.
Joe Ax can't remember what happen before, so as his rival Jack Lands Sin.
He couldn't remember what happen in 1989. After the Plant Explosion in the Area Section 8.
It's the year: 2045...The world was in chaos. After the Clash of 1989 came cause both Joe and Jack Fought in the Reactor of Ultra Tense. Is what triggered the time scale to shift to 2045.

This is only to what happen to Joe Ax Kid. This is for my other series call "Extend Impacto".
This is only a made up storyline of this character. 
So enjoy.
Yeah!!! Right hand Power!!! XD !!!!!!!
Engine,Gin,Den,Arc (New Characters) by SnowWolf10
Engine,Gin,Den,Arc (New Characters)
Well...I was bored so I used my right hand to come up with these designs.


SnowWolf10's Profile Picture
Mauricio Perdomo
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Well just a Guy and his creations of works.
Ok I think so much in my time. Asking questions, figuring out if they work.
Its logical to me.

***Also never ask me if I watch or Know what you like or go all crazy on cause I don't and never will ok. Fuck your fandoms, they can all burn in hell. Like I give a care. I never cared those! So never ask me or force me. That includes all shit that is not mine or having my name on it. So I stay away from it.***

***Also I create and make stuff up from my own head like I use to do since the year 1996 to Present day.***

I draw what is in mind, what is now my own family's actions. their actions is what effects me. I can understand many topics unless you explain them to me. I can agreed and disagreed over non or like-able subjects.
I have been doing at as a kid since pre-school as I remember back, now as I started a project of "Ever Last'n Night" in 2007. I'm full now of what to do with all the characters I created in made for the series.
I have not complete the series but I more series that came in progress of 2007,2013,now. Well that is all so you all soon or in the meantime I will be waiting.

Skype: Snowwolf1000

*Requests: (Open) *[Only for Original characters][not Fanart!]
*Collaborations: (Open)
*Art Trades: (Open)
*Commissions: (open)

Also a shortcut to my gallery page right here:…


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your journal hasnt helped. it isn't your fault either. The problem is the majority of the internet doesn't care for realism. It's a lost art. I hate this generation.
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