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:iconalertplz: Any similarities in my ORIGINAL concepts/drawings to actual people living or dead, organizations, places or events is purely coincidental.
*And Also I never heard of anyone those.
I just draw from my own mind.


I'm just taking a break. I'm a little tired. I think too much but I would need to sleep for now or later.
More drawings will come soon.
I just need to fix some of my habits when it comes to sleep.
But...Maybe just a couple of drawings...maybe this hour or 2...Also I won't publish Alternative Cosmonauts's concept art until I complete her her final design. Her concept arts was completed on the 21th of this month.
  Well I'm going to sleep ok. Please fave, comment. Do not give me Llamas ok. I never liked them. Just give me either faves or comments or shouts on my profile box or donate points to me.
Alternative Cosmonauts's Godslot Transformations by SnowWolf10
Alternative Cosmonauts's Godslot Transformations
*Well her original design:  Ever Last'n Night new character: Cosmonauts
Well all of them took me about 5 hours to do.
All of them are her armor designs of her original design.
I will need to now make her Apocalypse and Meteor, Meteorite, Death Collapses, Speeddevil, Nostradamus, Spectrum, Anarchy, Nexus Parallel Suits.
*The only times she can release her God slots is when she is down, damaged, almost trying to hang on to left over power, that is when she can use 3 times the god slots. It's like they are her backups in case.
While she is in one of her God slots mode. She can also regain health. Since her System Type Human can give her a boost of power if she needs it.

*Her Bio/story:
She is mostly made of Biotechnology. Her Creators of the 3 millions people were trying to find a hope but all of them died as a result in creating her.
most of them were children. She was like a holy mother to them all. Only 10 people lived to see her activation.
It was only ten mins that each one started to died due to lack of food, water, also the resources were too dried up that the elites of the four kingdoms took all of the oil, goodness which left-ed the poor 3 million children in finding ways to combat the matter that they were facing, that is why they wanted their lands, governments, families back.
So she was created. It was tough times for them since it was the year 2049. It anything go's wrong on the Human race with it's greed, Elites four kingdoms that try to run, destroy the world as people know it in my series call "Extend Impacto".***
Alternative Cosmonauts's: Normal and Slot armors by SnowWolf10
Alternative Cosmonauts's: Normal and Slot armors
Also I showed all her original design, her armors of now.
She uses most from all her armors are these: slot Armors 1,2,3,4 transformations. 
I will do her new Slot Format suit. Around today or tomorrow. It's a Secret. It's only dealing with my own works.
So yeah...The concept art will come soon of her.


SnowWolf10's Profile Picture
Mauricio Perdomo
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Well just a Guy and his creations of works.
Ok I think so much in my time. Asking questions, figuring out if they work.
Its logical to me.

***Also never ask me if I watch or Know what you like or go all crazy on cause I don't and never will ok. Fuck your fandoms, they can all burn in hell. Like I give a care. I never cared those! So never ask me or force me. That includes all shit that is not mine or having my name on it. So I stay away from it.***

***Also I create and make stuff up from my own head like I use to do since the year 1996 to Present day.***

I draw what is in mind, what is now my own family's actions. their actions is what effects me. I can understand many topics unless you explain them to me. I can agreed and disagreed over non or like-able subjects.
I have been doing at as a kid since pre-school as I remember back, now as I started a project of "Ever Last'n Night" in 2007. I'm full now of what to do with all the characters I created in made for the series.
I have not complete the series but I more series that came in progress of 2007,2013,now. Well that is all so you all soon or in the meantime I will be waiting.

Skype: Snowwolf1000

*Requests: (Open) *[Only for Original characters][not Fanart!]
*Collaborations: (Open)
*Art Trades: (Open)
*Commissions: (open)

Also a shortcut to my gallery page right here:…


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