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Mauricio Perdomo
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
*** My birthday is in July 27. I'm right now 21
I'm single. I'm a nice guy^-^ I like to be very goofy, funny at times^.^
-*My major goals for July:*-
1. Finish the monster book of Manga: draw like the experts book/ Still at 20% (Anytime)
2. Study more human anatomy, redraw old past characters, do storylines of them (Anytime)
*I am a Christian. I do draw things that are out of this world. But I thank Jesus Christ for that.
I am a believer of his existence, also God, Mary. I don't covet people's goods into christianity because.
I do follow the 10 commandments. I'm not a very strict christian. Please don't troll. I was Bapation as a baby. I thank Jesus Christ. ^^ Enjoy life people^-^ I still have my own soul, heart, the holy spirit, mind. Heaven, Hell are real. I didn't want fame. I just wanted to draw what I was born with.
*I also follow the human code of humanity along with God's words as well. The Good side those.
*I draw whatever I want, also God, Mary, Jesus Helped me on creating my designs, all of my works.^-^
Also find some crystals, put them where our open your window but make sure they are inside the house, behind the glass window.
And then you will feel angels being filled in the rooms of your house.
And plant life they like as well.
And a Welcome mat.
The welcome mat is meaning to them in saying that they are welcome to come inside your home^-^

I done the crystals parts, I feel a lot of great energy, power, happiness.
It works mans.
*I'm a Random Leveled guy but mostly or sometimes professional.
* I only draw, learn from how to draw books those.
*I sometimes forget because I'm always busy at times with life.
*I own the rights to all to my artworks.
*I do
*Art trades: Open
*Commissions: Open
*Collaborations: Open
*Gifts: Birthdays only
*freebies: Only when I say they are-
*Requests: open

The Tools of my Trade occupation:
For digital arts/ traditional digital mix programs : Mypaint, Paint.Net, Autodesk sketchbook express 6.0.1, Microsoft Paint on the windows 7.

Traditional tools: I use Zebra M-301 0.5 Mechanical pencil, Regular Crayola color pencils, Cra-Z-Art pencils, Precise V5 Extra Fine Rolling ball pen, Papermate Erasermate 1.0m pen, Bic Triumph ink pen, Caliber No.2 pencil, Westcott metal Ruler, Daller Rowney Simply Sketching HB pencil, Mostly cheap to afford supplies

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I'm also a Vistablet user proof of tablet:

Skype: snowwolf1000
What I look like:……
Happy other: HD Remake everywhere!!!
My catchphrase: "Rock 'n Tables!" and "You get it now"
My quote from me personally:

"Dreams come when you make them happen, not dream-day for them to come.
Answer your calling, prepare to fly!"

-SnowWolf10 A.k.a Mauricio Perdomo


Quick Sketches Erasable ink Commission
Darr face by SnowWolf10
Cybergirl: Sight Lancer by SnowWolf10
The Black Coats, The Broken Doll by SnowWolf10
LT-S (Cyber Industrial Fashion) by SnowWolf10
Body Blade by SnowWolf10
Genprotype (Cyberpunk Dominatrix Fashion) by SnowWolf10
Refs 100% please
Painting/Marker/Watercolor/Airbrush/Charcoal Commission
Babylonian Unit: Gilgamesh (old art 2007-2014) by SnowWolf10
Metal Blade by SnowWolf10
Yunku (Old Art 2007)(Colored) by SnowWolf10
Dr. I Hazarded (2007-2014)(Colored) by SnowWolf10
Delia Diamondouros's Demigothica Factory by SnowWolf10
A man I made up from my own mind (Finished) by SnowWolf10
Full 100% refs please
Traditional Mechanical Pencil Art Commission
Axel Recoder Ultraten(Recoder X's True form) by SnowWolf10
Ultrangrim (Black Avogon Ultraten's Rebirth) by SnowWolf10
The Smog Gasser by SnowWolf10
The Rage Yama by SnowWolf10
Universal Dimensions by SnowWolf10
Ballistic Airmissle by SnowWolf10
So how detailed do you want it to be as like?
Full Colored Drawing Commission
Rollya Lancerra's 2014 Reference Sheet by SnowWolf10
Allied Genesis(Format God Genesis Mode) by SnowWolf10
Saiya Polusullos (Sept 2013- 2014(Colored) by SnowWolf10
Glass Eye, Lance Olyndicus (full colors)(Sept2013) by SnowWolf10
86 Kusueni Ex 0 [Ver.1] (April 2013-May 2014) by SnowWolf10
86 Kusueni Ex's True Form (Colored)(2013-2014) by SnowWolf10
Tell me what are your requirements 

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